April 29, 2017
Wellspring Lutheran Church, Papillion, NE : A Place of Grace and Hope!
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Wellspring helps people meet the Lord, grow in their faith, and develop meaningful Christian friendships. The message is presented clearly and the atmosphere is welcoming.




Our church was planted in early 2007, and has enjoyed the Lord's blessing ever since. Wellspring is part of the association of LCMC.


You are invited to join us for worship any Sunday at 10:00am.



















































































































































































As we approach the 10-year anniversary of our congregation, we began a journey "through the Bible" on Jan. 1, 2017. We read two chapters of the Bible in our homes during the week - one Old Testament chapter, and one New Testament chapter.


And then every Sunday at 9:00am, Pastor Dan teaches from the Old Testament chapter for 40 minutes, and from the New Testament chapter during our 10:00am worship service.


We began with the first chapter of Genesis and the first chapter of Matthew. You are welcome to join us any Sunday on this enlightening and refreshing journey through God's Word.




















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